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Specializing in workers' compensation
Specializing in workers' compensation

Worker's Compensation

Under the current California law, as set forth in the Labor Code, the benefits to which an injured employee is entitled are specifically defined. These benefits may include medical treatment, temporary disability payments, permanent disability payments, and depending on whether you are able to return to your job, the right to a supplemental job displacement benefit voucher. (PLEASE SEE W/C SUMMARY TAB FOR A MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THESE BENEFITS)
California laws require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance. With few exceptions it is the exclusive remedy if a worker is injured on the job.
When you file a workers' compensation claim, your employer's insurance company will attempt to control the decisions regarding your entitlement to these benefits. In many cases the insurance company will unjustly try to limit your right to basic benefits such as medical treatment and disability payments by delaying or denying these benefits.  It is important to remember that the insurance company's #1 priority is to try to limit their liability and what they have to pay. 
When you are represented by the Keller Law Office, we work to make sure the decisions are made by YOU, and that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.
We would be happy to provide you a free consultation — with no obligation. Should you decide to hire our firm, our fees are only 12 to 15% of your permanent disability award.