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Specializing in workers' compensation
Specializing in workers' compensation


After my work injury, I felt overwhelmed and confused on how to navigate the legal aspects of my case. I often felt anxious that 
I was being taken advantage of by the insurance company and feared that I would be left with unmet medical needs. Mr. Keller provided me with confidence and allowed me to focus on my health and recovery. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case and know that these results would not be possible without his knowledge and expertise. 
A. Hernandez, February 27, 2017
I was so pleaseed to have Matt Keller handle my legal concerns.  He is very knowledgeable and pays careful attention to his client's needs.  I felt that I was in the very best hands with Mr. Keller representing me.
Barbara L., March 7, 2016
I was a Peace Officer with the State of California and was injured on the job after 19 years of service.  Although my medical treatment and initial processing through the workers' compensation system went well, I received a horrible QME that rated me at 24%.  I sought legal counsel and met with several attorneys, all of whom failed to impress me.  After I met Matt Keller I immediately knew he was the right attorney for my case.  Matt proved himself to be fair, attentive, and immensely knowledgeable in the workers' compensation system.  Matt's work on my case went far beyond the basics and he proved himself the best choice for my case both in court and out.  He was able to appeal my QME and schedule me with an AME who returned a final disability rating of 63%.  Because of Matt's hard work and dedication to my case I can say that I am absolutely satisfied with the outcome of my case.
Todd G., February 29, 2016
After receiving a work related head injury, my now impaired thinking plus anxiety, was further compromised by an uncooperative insurance company and their doctor.  Fortunately, an Internet search lead me to Matt Keller.  Mr. Keller was professional, honest and made it clear through his actions that he was looking out for the best interests of his client.  With my anxiety eased, Mr. Keller managed the case and made sure I received proper medical treatment and compensation.  I highly recommend Mr. Keller.  He is an experienced attorney with integrity, who cares & will look your for you. 
Ken Y., August 14, 2015

My sincerest gratitude for your professionalism, knowledge of Worker’s Comp laws, and most of all the compassion you demonstrated toward me and my situation.  In the six years that you handled my case I never had to worry because I knew that you had my best interest at heart.  Even with a change of attorneys you didn’t lose momentum and were able to secure a more than equitable settlement. 
Thank you again for your representation.  I can’t imagine what I would have done on my own.
G. Perez, April 3, 2015

In 2012 I incurred a work place injury and sought legal representation from Keller Law Firm to help navigate the complicated workers compensation system.  Mr. Keller and his firm came highly recommended from a co-worker.  Mr. Keller and his staff was a wonderful asset during the workers compensation process and took the stress off of me, by insuring everything was being handled appropriately. They made a complicated and dragging process run as smooth as possible and well exceeded my expectations!  We just received a very fair settlement for my case and I am extremely happy with the outcome.  Keller Law Firm is truly a gem in the legal field and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone needing legal representation without any hesitation.
Kristen W., January 28, 2015

Matthew Keller is my attorney.  He represented me in my workman’s comp case and went above and beyond in treating me with respect and true concern.  I was completely relaxed knowing Matt would take care of my needs.  Also, I would like to add that Donna was very professional and kind whenever I called with questions.  I feel blessed knowing I chose the right law office.  My highest recommendations to Keller Law Office.
P. Jean, October 3, 2014

I hurt my back at work and was having a lot of trouble dealing with the work comp company.  When having questions about paperwork, my case or returning phone messages I always had to leave messages which usually went unreturned and I was getting very frustrated.  Trying to deal with all that stress while being in constant, immobilizing pain began to feel intolerable so I decided to research a lawyer that could help me.  I came across Mr. Matthew J. Keller and upon reading his web page bio decided to give his office a call, which by the was by the way the best decision I could have made. Mr. Keller is not only an excellent lawyer he genuinely cares about his client’s well-being and puts the time and patience into each case as if it were his own.  When I first contacted Keller Law Office, Donna, Mr. Keller’s Paralegal, was extremely friendly as well as helpful and got me in to talk to Matt about my case right away.  My case ended up taking close to I believe it was a little over a year and a half from start to finish as work comp cases can do and Mr. Keller and Donna both went to what I sincerely believe to be above and beyond on my case.  I have already recommended Keller Law Office to a few people and will continue to do so whole heartedly.  Here’s to hoping I never need another lawyer but if I should I will be contacting Keller Law Office either for help or for a referral.  They are such awesome people and feel like friends when everything is said and done.
Victoria B., September 10, 2014

After previous dealings with the workers compensation insurance carriers, I always felt unsatisfied with my care and treatment options and realized the insurance companies only goal was to protect their clients.  After incurring a serious work related cumulative injury, a friend suggested I contact Matt Keller, and gave him the highest recommendation.  Mr. Keller took over my case from the beginning and guided me through the first steps of medical treatment, ongoing and lifetime medical care, case settlement, and all contacts with the insurance adjuster.  I am extremely pleased with the service provided by Mr. Keller and his dedication and interest in seeing that I was compensated medically and financially for a lifetime of work.  Thank you Mr. Keller.
David V., June 20, 2014

I retained Keller Law Office as my Workers Compensation attorney, after struggling with my comp claim for two years that I thought I could handle.  I walked into their office in tears my case was such a mess.  Matt and his staff were professional, caring and so helpful.  Workers Compensation can be very complicated; they helped me through rejections, surgeries and QME appointments.  Keller Law Office works for you Workers Compensation adjuster’s work for the insurance companies I had a real good one but I needed someone to work for me.  There are a lot of things an attorney can help you with that the adjuster may not be so accommodating.  My case has finally ended, after five years I did receive a nice settlement; Matt kept the pieces together and fought for me.  The biggest mistake I made was not retaining Keller Law Office in the beginning!! Just the peace of mind was priceless.
Leslie F., May 16, 2014

I was involved in a work comp case for over a year.  Everything was working smoothly at the beginning of the process.  When it came to resolving my case, the adjuster interpreted my Doctor’s findings.  The adjuster rated me at 0% disabled which meant zero money for my settlement.  I was given Matt Keller’s name from a couple of friends.  They both gave Mr. Keller stellar marks for his knowledge and ability to settle their cases successfully.  I brought my case to Mr. Keller.  Since he had not been involved in the initial stages of my case, he was somewhat unsure of what the outcome would be.  Mr. Keller took my case.  Mr. Keller was able to point out to the adjuster that I was indeed entitled to some settlement compensation.  Due to Mr. Keller’s good working relationship with my adjuster, and his knowledge of the work comp field I was awarded nearly $50,000.00.  To go from ZERO to almost $50,000 was great news.  I will definitely refer anyone I know, who is in need of a work attorney to Matt Keller.
Bill D., May 5, 2014

Matt Keller represented me in a workers’ comp case against a former employer and won me a large settlement.  He and his assistant are extremely professional and very nice. I would recommend Matt to anyone!
Anne N., February 19, 2014

I was injured on the job and my employer was reluctant to get me the help I needed.  I found Matthew Keller online and was very happy I did.  He represented me vigorously and was able to obtain a tidy sum for my injury.  Matthew Keller is the consummate professional.
Dan A., January 16, 2014

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work your firm did protecting my rights during the course of resolving my recent Workers’ Compensation Claim and subsequent wrongful termination involving my former employer.
Your firm’s experience, expertise and representation was instrumental in the fair and just resolution of both accounts.
Mr. Keller did outstanding work on my case and I can recommend your firm to anyone, with confidence that they will receive the same excellent service and representation.
James R., July 21, 2011